Creating a Church Planting Movement — In the PCUSA?

When I hear of ambitious church planting strategies in the West, mainline denominations are not the first to come to mind (Fresh Expressions within the Anglican Church in the UK serving as the main exception). Happily, this week, I heard of another exception to the rule.

I had lunch with Jim Milley, Outreach and Equipping Pastor at La Canada Presbyterian (PCUSA). Jim is creating a network with the vision to plant 100 churches in the Los Angeles area and 1000 churches on the West Coast. A Fuller grad with mission experience in Africa, he thinks missionally about new expressions of church in the US. Instead of strategizing about ways to bring people back to traditional Presbyterian churches, Jim hopes to see new expressions of church created in the many cultures of LA and the West Coast.

If you are interested in planting churches on the West Coast or interested in talking to Jim further, he is gathering leaders together on February 14 for a first meeting. You can contact Jim at jmilley (at) network1000 (dot) org.

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